Beth Lieras has degrees from Pacific Union College (piano pedagogy) and Indiana University School of Music (bachelor and masters), where she studied Kodály with Brent Gault, and church music/organ with Marilyn Keiser and Chris Young.  She has taught both piano and general music in a variety of settings and has significant experience with special needs students.  Beth has performed in church and concert/recital settings since age eight and is a member of Music Teachers Association of California, recently serving on her local board.

Fascinated by musical instruments from infancy (when her mother reported she was fixated on the trumpets and pipe organ at the university church), Beth Lieras discovered her skills in piano at age five and was largely self-taught until her preteen years.  This background inspired Beth’s desire to provide high-quality piano instruction to beginners and intermediate students of all ages to ensure they have an ideal foundation for pursuit of their musical interests and goals.

To inquire about studying piano with Beth Lieras, email or call 623-570-3903 for a no-pressure conversation about what you’re looking for in piano lessons.  A free “get-to-know-you” lesson can also be scheduled to see if you think Mrs. Lieras is a good fit for you.