Is Your Child Ready to Study Piano?

The most common time for children to be ready for piano study is age 5 to 6, though some children are ready as early as age 3 or 4 if they have strong interest and full parental support.  Others may not be ready until age 7 or 8.  To ensure a successful experience, both children and their parents need to be ready for lessons.

Children ready for piano lessons need to:

  1. Know the difference between left and right hands
  2. Be able to count at least to 5.
  3. Be able to identify patterns and groupings (for example, groups of three black keys on the piano)
  4. Be able to focus and follow instructions for up to 30 minutes at a time (15-20 for youngest beginners)
  5. Either know or be starting to learn the alphabet (A to G)

Parents of children taking piano lessons need to:

  1. Own an appropriate instrument.  Beginners can start out on an electronic keyboard, but they will soon need a true piano (good pianos available on Craig’s List for free or up to about $300).
  2. Support their child by providing a regular quiet time for practice and encouraging daily practice (a student who isn’t practicing will not progress in skills, and will quickly become frustrated or discouraged by lessons).
  3. Assist young beginners by sitting in on lessons with full attention, and supervising each practice session (about 10-15 minutes per day).
  4. Be prepared for the financial and time commitment of weekly lessons.

Think you kid might be ready?  Click here!

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